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CONGRATULATIONS LEIALola and Frankie's girl is entering fire school!
Here she is pictured with her proud dad, the fire chief himself!!!  We love you girl!

CONGRATULATIONS TULIP!!!  Carla Morgan's beautiful girl just received her Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Certificate! She will bring smiles and happiness to many, many people! She is pictured below with her certificate and pink skateboard that she is   learning to ride!
We are SO PROUD OF YOU, TULIP and so are your parents!

  • Please check out the video below with Zak, one of our family friends in his video about living with hemophilia.  Zak is a strong young man and his mom, Melissa kindly sent me the link to post.  You can also see their Portie Ozzy from our past litter who, as Melissa says "takes good care of their family of six!"  

Health and Wellness Links:
About Portuguese Water Dogs:

Optigen Information on why we test for GM-1

Optigen Information on why we test for PRCD-PRA:

University of Pennsylvania's link to Dr. Paula Henthorn.
Dr. Henthorn brilliantly created a DNA test for the JDCM gene:

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