Mystic Portuguese Water Dogs - Loved, Purebred, AKC-Registered Portuguese Water Dog Puppies
Our puppies get 24-hour care as soon as they are born.....
Once the pups are a few days old, they are moved beyond the bedroom my office.  Here, I am able to keep an eye on mom and the pups each day. The pups stay in this room, nursed by their mom until they are able to see and move independently.

When the puppies are four weeks old, they move to our new puppy lounge!  This is a room  just the socialization of our PWD puppies. Mom is still by their side as they start to move from nursing to solid food in week five. We have a playpen, crates for crate training, puppie pads, toys and a large area for play and nap time.  We even have a baby pool for swim time.   It is also where our families get to play with and choose their new best friend!!

Their last weeks with us are really fun and they learn how to interact with people and other puppies.  
Here are some pictures of our puppies being taken care of in their development:
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