Mystic Portuguese Water Dogs - Loved, Purebred, AKC-Registered Portuguese Water Dog Puppies
We have four breeding (One male and three females) champion-bred, happy, playful Portuguese water dogs. They each come from somewhere unique...

Our Only Sire, Frankie 
Then, and Now

PRCD-PRA: Normal/Clear
JDCM: Probable Normal (1-1)
OFA hip certified
AKC DNA Certified

Our Sire's mother is from Australia, and a champion; "best of breed."  Sire's father is a champion of Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Our Portuguese - imported breeding girls have champion bloodlines. Our females produce wavy or curly, brown and white,  or black and white puppies.
Below are Kona (with Frankie) and Lola.

Both are healthy, happy dogs, and both of them are JDCM probable normal, GM-1 Normal,  as well as PRCD-PRA tested. They also have DNA profiles with the American Kennel Club. 

They all embrace the attention of our family and from each other!


After's their home....We just live here

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