Mystic Portuguese Water Dogs - Loved, Purebred, AKC-Registered Portuguese Water Dog Puppies
About Us...
 We reside in Pennsylvania and we love our dogs as family. We started breeding in 2009 and love every moment of it.
We dedicate our life to this fun-spirited breed that allows us to share our lives with them in spite of our allergies. 
We are not a kennel nor do we own an outdoor facility for dogs. We have a limited number of temperament, bloodline-selected Portuguese water dogs who live in our home, spoiled, but not rotten!  Our dogs have their own bedroom, toys, yard to play and couch to nap, just like our children.
We believe in healthy bloodlines, happy puppies and lasting relationships with our puppy families.  We believe everyone who makes this commitment deserves to have a healthy, AKC-registered, pure- bred puppy of their choosing to  bring into their family.
Whether you want a puppy to be your pal in fishing, aside you on your favorite chair, running trials in agility or just to cuddle and love you unconditionally, we believe that you should have the right to choose your own puppy and enjoy life together.
PWD is more than a breed....they are a lifestyle:
We believe that this is the best family dog you could have for your loved ones, especially those who are prone to allergies.  It is for this reason we ended up getting our first Portuguese water dog. 
This is NOT a dog for people who are never home.  These dogs are the best companions when a family makes the commitment to open their lives to this new member. Their personalities are playful and they love to please their owners. Please educate yourself on this breed as these dogs need to be exercised in order to be happy.
These dogs love water!  Whether it comes from the sink fixtures dripping, the bathtub, a bowl (or two, or three), or a muddy hole in the grass, these pups will flock to any wet area within their reach!

Please contact us regarding questions, whether it is regarding the breed or just buying a puppy for the first time. This is a big decision and we know that you must have questions.

We are proud members of the International Association of Animal Behavior Cosultants (IAABC) and disposition to breed is very serious to us.  Because of this, we may occasionally have a young adult puppy who would make the very best companion but who we decided would not breed. We will post young adults on our "News" section.

We appreciate your time!
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